We are Open and Ready to Help

Thank you for your patience and resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic. We will be cautiously re-opening our offices for patient visits beginning June 15th, and will be taking numerous steps to minimize the risk of viral spread in our clinic spaces.

Guidelines for outpatient medical care from several national medical organizations stress the importance of continued utilization of telemedicine technology whenever possible. Recommended social distancing guidelines (at least 6 feet) cannot be assured in our small exam rooms. In addition, aerosolized droplets can be generated from simple conversations, and droplets can linger in a confined spaced for 15 minutes. Masks will be required for all patients and staff entering the clinic, with no exceptions.

In addition, certain physicians in our office may opt to interview patients using a video camera from a nearby separate room, and only enter the same exam room if a physical examination is medically necessary or requested by the patient. The purpose of this approach is to limit the time spent in a confined space, without social distancing, for the minimum time necessary. This will further reduce the risk of contagious aerosolized droplet transmission from an asymptomatic Covid positive individual. Approximately 50% of all Covid transmission occurs via the asymptomatic contagious carrier of the virus.

You will be contacted in advance of your appointment to discuss your preference for your upcoming nephrology clinic visit. Telemedicine is the safest option. If a clinic visit is preferred, please be aware of the distancing measures that will be taken during your visit, for your safety and the safety of our staff and families.