nephrology team

Maintaining good health is a team effort

Your health team includes all members of our caring staff, from the medical assistant who takes your vitals to the dietician guiding you in healthier eating. We’re all here to help and support you as you manage your kidney disease.
Phil M., Practice Administrator
Amanda H., Billing and Administration Supervisor
Andrea A., Medical Assistant (RMA)
Carissa A., Dietician
Carmen R., Back Office Operator
Luvon B., Medical Assistant (CMA)
Hannah P., Health Information Management Specialist
Jayne C., Medical Assistant (CMAA)
Mary Z., Medical Assistant (CMA)
Michelle L., Front Office Representative
Rayna S., Medical Assistant-Dialysis (RMA)
Robin L., Clinical Supervisor (RMA)
Sandy D. Clinical Systems Analyst (CMA-AAMA)
Donna C., New Patient Coordinator
Sharon A., Billing Specialist
Shayna M., Administration Support
Wanda V., Billing Specialist