Patient Bill of Rights

Patient Expectations

1. Have the expectation to be treated in a manner reflecting respect for their privacy and dignity as a person.

2. Have the expectation to be informed regarding their diagnosis, course of treatment, and prognosis in terms they can reasonably be expected to understand and to participate in decision making about their health.

3.  Have the expectation to receive sufficient information to enable them to give informed consent prior to the initiation of any procedure and/or treatment.

4.  Have the expectation to discuss their medical record with the physician and to receive, upon written request, a copy of that record.

5.  Have the right to expect information pertaining to their health care will be treated as confidential and will not be released without their, or their authorized representative's written permission, except as required by law.

6.  Have the expectation to be informed of unforeseen delays in the provider's schedule.

7.  Have the expectation to be able to make a complaint and to receive response to that complaint within a reasonable period of time.

Patient Responsibilities

1. Have the responsibility to be considerate and cooperative with office staff and providers.

2. Have the responsibility to follow instructions and guidelines given by those providing health care services and to weigh potential consequences of any refusal to comply with those instructions or recommendations.

3. Have the responsibility to obtain and carefully consider all information needed and desired in order to give informed consent for a procedure or treatment.

4. Have the responsibility to assist in compiling a complete medical record by providing or authorizing release of medical information from other providers.

5. Have the responsibility to notify their primary care physician (PCP) prior to seeing consultation or emergency services, except in potentially life threatening situations.

6. Have the responsibility to schedule appointments and to arrive on time for scheduled visits or to notify their physicians' offices if they must cancel or arrive late for a scheduled appointment.

7. Have the responsibility to express opinions or concerns or complaints in a constructive manner.