medical nutrion therapy

Nutrition Therapy

Nutritional support enhances treatment, recovery and well being.

Pikes Peak Nephrology offers patients with kidney disease nutritional support under the care of registered dietitian-nutritionist. The goal of our nutrition program is to help you manage your medical conditions, reduce the risk of developing complications of pre-existing conditions and improve your quality of life.

Nutritional support includes:

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for management of non-dialysis chronic kidney disease and post-kidney transplant.
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for management of diabetes.
  • Healthy Weight Loss Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy can reduce the incidence of medical complications and decrease the number and duration of hospital stays, as well as the need for medications, surgery, and other treatment.

Medical nutrition therapy and weight loss therapy are Medicare benefits

Medicare beneficiaries with a diagnosis of diabetes, non-dialysis kidney disease or post-kidney transplant are eligible for medical nutrition therapy. Medicare beneficiaries with a Body Mass Index of 30 or greater are eligible for weight loss therapy.

Patients with commercial insurance are encouraged to call the insurance customer service telephone number to inquire about nutrition service benefits.